DSCAM – What Is It and How Can You Watch Paid Channels With It

“This receiver comes with a 1 year of DSCAM server.”

You might have heard this while buying a new satellite receiver.

In this post, I am gonna tell you what is DSCAM and how can you use it.


If you know about CCCAM, then DSCAM is easy for you to understand.

Well, both things are the same.

But 1506G receivers comes with default server known as DSCAM.

DSCAM runs only SD channels. Yes, it can’t run HD channels. CCCAM is also the same.

When the DSCAM server expires after 1 year, You will have to recharge it.

When you will recharge you will get CCCAM not DSCAM. Because DSCAM is default CCCAM by the company.

Just like Forever server is for Tiger receivers and G-Share is Starsat Hyper 2000, DSCAM is for 1506G receivers

How To Use DSCAM

You don’t have to do anything to run DSCAM. It comes built-in with 1506G receivers.

Just connect an antenna to your receiver and connect it to WI-FI and you are good to go.

You will get a POP-UP saying that you are connected to WIFI and DSCAM is running.

The channels will start to work fine.

DSCAM Recharge

1506G receivers come with 1 year of DSCAM. If it ends then you can get it recharged.

There are many sellers out there but be sure to choose the right.

Here’s a good tip for choosing a good CCCAM provider. Always take the 24Hr trial to be sure that it is a good quality one.

So that’s all for today post. If you have any question, you can ask in the comments.

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  3. After updating software my dscam is expired. Why?

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  6. Bhai yeh illegal toh nhi hai

  7. With DSCAM you can also watch HD channels like HBO HD, CinemaxHD, DiscoveryHD, National GeoHD, MtvHD, FoxHD, Fox Life HD of Skysat, Myanmar. Can you really recharge DSCAM? Or otherwise you just pay for a CCCam? Thank you.

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