Watan HD Biss Key And Frequency 2021

Hello Satellite Geeks,

No channel on Dish to watch sports?

Then don’t worry! We have got your back.

Watan TV broadcasts sports matches such as PSL, BPL, and World Cup.

Watan HD is an Afghani channel that is quite famous among viewers for the noble cause that it telecast sports.

Watan HD Frequency

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Don’t worry, We have written both satellite frequencies and other values below so you can easily tune in and watch some good stuff.

53.0EExpress AM611532 H 2205
52.0ETurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat10846 V 27500

Note: The frequency updates frequently. For the latest updates, keep visiting site.

Watan TV Biss Key

Currently, Watan TV is streaming FTA. It doesn’t require any key to unlock it.

When it will switch to the Biss key, The Key will be immediately posted here. Stay tuned to catch the latest updates.

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