TANDBERG – The Guide You Should Take Right Now

Tandberg key

If you have Satellite TV installed then you may have heard something like this

“This channel is encrypted by Tandberg”

Some receivers also show the encryption type in the description of the channel.

To be honest, It’s a very geeky term but don’t worry I am gonna make it easy for you.


Tandberg is a Conditional Access System which is used to encrypt Satellite signals.

Now, you may be wondering what the Conditional Access System is.

Basically the Conditional Access System (abbreviated CAS) is the encryption or protection of the content by some sort of password or code.

It encrypts the content by certain criteria.

And you will only get access to content when you meet the requirements of that certain criteria.

This term is mostly used for encryption of Softwares and digital TV systems.

So Tandberg is also one of the CAS.

If a company wants to make its content let say, T.V stream available only to its subscriber then it will put encryption on the stream.

In this way, Tandberg encryption prevents any type of copyright infringement and data theft.

How Tandberg work

The T.V stream or software is encrypted at the developer end.

The pass known as the Tandberg key is given to only those who subscribe or pay for the product.

So it protects the content from unauthorized viewers.

What is Tandberg Key

The key used to bypass or unlock the Tandberg encryption is known as the Tandberg key.

Tandberg key is only given to subscribers.

If any users get it through illegal means let say cracking then he is committing a crime.

You might have heard of many channels on satellite using Tandberg to lock their streams.

Like Fox TV at 42E uses the Tandberg key.

I hope you got the concept of it. If you have any questions then do let me know by commenting below.

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