SmartCam-The Ultimate Guide 2020

If you have read my posts about CCCAM and DSCAM, you’d probably know that CCCAM and DSCAM only run SD channels of certain satellites like NSS 6.

But you know that there are HD channels too on NSS6.

So is there any way to run HD channels and if there is then how to do it.


Smartcam is the smart or 2020 version of CCCAM or DSCAM.

It can run HD channels of satellites like NSS6.

It obviously requires an internet connection to run.

Most of the latest receivers do not have this CAM because it is released just some time ago.

Most of the new goto and 1506G receivers are now coming with SmartCam

How to use SmartCam

Firstly you need a satellite receiver with SMartCam function such as Dreambox or other Linux based satellite products.

These receivers connect to the ethernet connection in the same way as computers do and can transfer data over the networks.

To use the SmartCam you need a dish antenna connected to satellite you desired to unlock.

Get you 3 Line CCCAM code from your SmartCam provider and install it into your receiver.

Make sure your receiver is connected to the internet.

You will get a message notifying you about the activation of your SmartCam and it’s duration.

The scramble HD channels will now start to work.

SmartCam Recharge

None of the receivers comes with a built-in SmartCam subscription.

You have to get it recharged every time its end.

Most of the sellers have packages for 6 months and a year.

There are many sellers out there but be sure to choose the right.

The SmartCam providers do not give trials first. So be sure to select the right one by reading reviews.

That’s all for this post. If you have any question then comment below.

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