PTV Sports New Biss Key And Frequency Paksat Jan 2021

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As you have read the title, This post is about PTV Sports Biss Key and Frequency.

PTV Sports is Pakistan’s most favorite sports channel. But in the past, When it’s encryption changed to Conax, it got so much hate from the sports viewer.

PTV has now come back for the good. Yes, you have heard Right!

You can watch all PSL 5 matches on PTV Sports without any hurdles.

So without wasting a single second, Let’s check out its frequency and Biss key.

PTV Sports Frequency

PTV Sports is currently aired on Paksat 1R 37E. The table below will help you out to tune in the channel into your receiver. Just move your dish towards Paksat 1R 37E and enter these values into your receiver and enjoy.

[table id=8 /] Note: The frequency updates frequently. To catch the latest updates, keep visiting the site.

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 PTV Sports Biss Key

Here comes the most important part. Yes! you have guessed it right. Below is the PTV Sports Biss key. Enter this key into your receiver and enjoy the match.

Biss Key: 5132 13CC 9ADD ECCC

Note: PTV Sports is not working on any key. Please wait, we will update as soon as we get working key.

If PTV Sports still didn’t unlocked then comment below and tell us the problem. We will solve it. Stay tuned and keep visiting the site.

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  1. Hello sir ptv sports band ho gya ha es ke koi frequency chang hoi ha tu plz send karo

  2. i have enter the biss key but ptv sport still locked

  3. yare its still not working please fix it

  4. i have put the biss key (513213cc9addeccc ) but still ptv sports didnt unlocked . please help me with this and send me the latest biss key.

  5. ptv sports biss key plz ….

  6. ptv sport is locked.please give me bizz key.

  7. Pta sports latest boss key please

  8. Ptv sports nahi chal raha

  9. I have put the this biss key but he can’t unlock.

  10. Ptv sports ku huwa Kiya, ye bil kul lock huwa hain

  11. I have put the different bise key but ptv sport not unlocked..plz send me the correct biss kry

  12. جهوٹ بول رہے ہو پی ٹی سپورٹ پی ٹی وی والوں حکومت کے کہنے پر بند کر دیا ہے ورلڈ کپ کو ایشیا میں دکھانے کا معاہدہ سٹارسپورٹ والوں کے ساتھ هے پی ٹی وی سپورٹ والے ڈش پر دکھا کر معاہدے کی خلاف ورزی کررہے تھے

  13. آپ لوگ عوام سے جهوٹ بول رہے ہو سٹارسپورٹ کی شکایت پر آئی سی سی والوں نے پی ٹی سپورٹ پر ڈس کے زریعے ورلڈ کپ دکھانے پر پابندی لگا دی ہے یہ پابندی حکومت پاکستان کی اجازت سے لگا دی گئی ہے ڈس پر ورلڈ کپ آزاد چینل پر مکمل بند هے وقت برباد نہ کریں گاوں میں پرانی والی انٹینا سے دیکها کریں

  14. Plz ptv sports biss key

  15. its not working

  16. Its not working still

  17. Its not working still

  18. Ikram ullah khan Niazi

    آخر میں دھوکہ دیا بہن چود سکون نہ دیکھنے دینے بھڑوے لوٹا نواز نے بدلے ھم لے رھے گاندو

  19. pls send key

  20. Not unlocked.

  21. Sir Need PTV sports boss key On Paksat Still Not Working Put same Key but still not working frequency is same

  22. Pls send me new biss key

  23. It’s not working. Please new key share

  24. Ptv sports not working in Oman Muscat what is the new frequency of ptv sports in Oman pakset 1r or asiaset 3s

  25. This Biss key is not working in Afghanistan

  26. Please provide working PTV Sports latest Biss Key.v

  27. It is unlok but singnal not show

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