PTV Sports Biss Key And Frequency Paksat 2019

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As you have read the title, This post is about PTV Sports Biss Key and Frequency.

PTV Sports is Pakistan’s most favorite sports channel. But in the past, When it’s encryption changed to Conax, it got so much hate from the sports viewer.

PTV has now come back for the good. Yes, you have heard Right!

You can watch all PSL 4 matches on PTV Sports without any hurdles.

So without wasting a single second, Let’s check out its frequency and Biss key.

PTV Sports Frequency

PTV Sports is currently aired on Paksat 1R 37E. The table below will help you out to tune in the channel into your receiver. Just move your dish towards Paksat 1R 37E and enter these values into your receiver and enjoy.

SatellitePaksat 38.0 East
ChannelPtv Sports
Transponder4004 V 15555
PolarityV (Vertical)
Symbol Rate15555

Note: The frequency updates frequently. To catch the latest updates, keep visiting the site.

 PTV Sports Biss Key

Here comes the most important part. Yes! you have guessed it right. Below is PTV Sports Biss key. Enter this key into your receiver and enjoy the match.

Biss Key: 5132 13CC 9ADD ECCC

If PTV Sports still didn’t unlocked then comment below and tell us the problem. We will solve it. Stay tuned and keep visiting the site.

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