PowerVU Key-Everything You Need To Know About It In 2021

You know it. FTA isn’t always FTA.

Yes, most of the channels are but some have also that $ sign too ( which we all hates).

That’s because of encryption. Encryption is something like a password on the channels.

The channel providers put the encryption on the channel so only a limited audience can view it (let’s say, subscribers).

If you know the password, you can open it. Otherwise, you can’t.

There are many types of encryption out there like Biss key and CCCAM.

PowerVU is also one of them.

What is PowerVU key

PowerVu is developed by Scientific Atlanta. It is a conditional access system for digital television.

PowerVU key is basically a 28 digit code or password

You have to input these 28 digits into your receiver to watch a channel that is encrypted by the Powervu.

It is used to encrypted professional broadcasting.

Some well-known companies using Powervu key are Retevision, Bloomberg Television, Discovery Channel, AFRTS, ABS-CBN, GMA Network, and American Forces Network.

The cable operator also uses this to prevent unauthorized viewers and non-cable subscribers from viewing their service.

How it Works

By PowerVU a channel or stream is encoded at the provider end.

It is then decoded using the PowerVU key at the subscriber’s end.

In this way, PowerVU prevents piracy and allow only subscribers to enjoy the encrypted stream.

Unlike CCCAM, PowerVU can be hacked without the internet.

The hackers uses different dictionaries to make a Bruteforce attack on the channel.

By Bruteforce attacks, one can get the powervu key of a channel that is encrypted by PowerVU system

Is PowerVU Key Legal

PowerVu is used to encrypt the streams to stop unauthorized viewers from watching it in the first place.

But if somehow someone manages to crack the PowerVU key and uses it without the consent of the stream provider then it’s surely illegal.

However, if the key is provided you by the owner of the stream then its justifiable.

Many dish users get key from the internet and use it to watch the channels on there receiver.

This is illegal and can cause copyright infringements.

How To Watch Channels With PowerVU key

To use the PowerVU key, You must have a receiver that supports PowerVu.

Like Starsat Hyper 2000 and Tiger T8.

You can then add the key to the receiver and watch the channels.

How To Add PowerVU Key

If you have a PowerVu supported receiver then I am gonna guide you on how to add PowerVu key to your receiver.

There are different methods for different receivers.

I am gonna list a few receivers and their methods below.

How To Enter PowerVU key In Green Goto receivers

To enter PowerVU key in green goto receivers, follow below steps

  • Go to the channel which is encrypted by the PowerVU key.
  • Press the green button or F2 button.
  • A type box will appear where you will have to enter the  28 Digits code.
  • After entering the code press the yellow button to save.

And there you go. You will have the channel working.

How To Enter PowerVU key In 1506G Receivers

Follow the below steps to enter PowerVU key in 1506G receivers

  • Go to the main menu.
  • Go to the patch menu and press 1506G
  • A new option will appear. Click on it.
  • Now navigate to Powervu key option
  • Add the frequency, Powervu, and SID of the desired channel
  • Click on save and exit.

The channel will start working.

I hope that you liked the post. If you have any query then comment below and suggest topics for future posts.


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