Pakistan DTH Broadcasting Satellite Details 2020

pakistan dth

After the auction of DTH license, there is not much movement in the market till now.

The 3 companies that have won the license haven’t made any announcement regarding their next step.

So we are kinda on a hook now.

As you now know that DTH service requires a satellite to transmit signals.

So the 3 companies which have won the DTH auction are now gonna need to sign a contract with any satellite so they can get their channels in.

None of the 3 companies have made confirmed announcements about their satellites.

In May 2019 Shahzad Sky was doing some testing on PAKSAT 38E Ku-band.

Shahzad Sky added some channels including AAP News and HUM News HD and later on removed it.

So it can be said that they are gonna use Paksat KU as their satellite.

Not so long ago, an agreement was signed between Pakistan and China for the launch of a new Satellite called the Pakdth MM1 at 38.2° East.

So let’s wait a  little bit and see how things turn out to be.

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