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pakistan dth price

Pakistan DTH is going to launch soon and we all are very excited.

But wait! will it be affordable to a common man?

Yeah I know it’s very early to discuss Pakistan DTH price but why not?

Pakistan DTH is in the news for a very long time. But now after the auction of the license, it seems like a dream is converting to reality.

Pakistani audience is fed up with local cable operators, so they are searching for a new, better and cheap option. This need for viewers may be fulfilled by DTH.

The price is always the biggest factor for Pakistani when they buy something. So let’s find out Pakistan DTH price.

Pakistan DTH Price

Unlike cable, DTH service consists of two to three things. It’s not just monthly payments but you have to buy a DTH set-top box and a satellite dish that makes initial investment a bit costly.

The DTH system includes

  • Set-Top Box (STB)
  • Satellite Dish
  • Monthly Package

Honestly talking, apart from the initial cost, the whole DTH system worth it. You get a lot of good entertainment and that too without a net of cables coming to your home and making it intricate.

So let’s sum up all and calculate the expected price.

DTH Box Price Rs. 10,000 – 15,000
Monthly Package Charges Rs. 500 -1,500 per month (depend upon the package)
Initial Expected investment Rs 10,500 to Rs 16,000

The real prices may be less or more. But Let’s hope for the best.

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