Pakistan DTH Launch Date 2021 Latest And Confirmed

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We’ve been waiting for DTH to launch in Pakistan from 2003 and it’s 2020 and we are still waiting.

It’s kinda weird that in this era of technology, Pakistan hasn’t got any single DTH service.

We know there were many hurdles in the DTH launching but after the auction of DTH license in 2016, the excitement to get the DTH service increased.

After the auction of Pakistan DTH license, 3 years have passed but we are still hearing rumors like “DTH will launch in next month” or “DTH will launch next year”.

Let’s find out when Pakistan DTH will launch and why it is taking too much time.

Pakistan DTH Launch

Unlike cable, launching DTH company doesn’t require only installation of cables pole to a pole but it’s a combination of different things which make it work.

The DTH system needs a lot of groundwork to be done. DTH system consists of

  • DTH Set Top Box
  • DTH Satellite
  • DTH Satellite Encryption

And last but not least, the biggest hurdle in the launch of DTH is the Cable Operators.

So any DTH company will work when all of these things settle up.

1-DTH Set Top Box

DTH system includes Set-Top Boxes at the viewer’s side in order to watch the stream at the tv. But none of DTH company who has won the license started or ordered to manufacture the STB till now. And if they somehow order it now then the STB will take 6 to 7 months to be manufactured and delivered across the country. So no chance of DTH to launch in Pakistan from this aspect.

PEMRA has also announced that it will also start to make DTH box locally to stop the smuggling of illegal Indian DTH boxes.

2-DTH Satellite

DTH to stream channels need some satellite and we haven’t seen any DTH company signing the contract with satellite owners. So we shouldn’t expect DTH to launch in the near future.

3-DTH Satellite Encryption

If everything is somehow settled, then they would have to do something to prevent FTA users to watch their service freely and that something is Satellite Encryption. There are many Satellite encryption methods available in the market such as

  • BISS

The DTH company will sign the contract with Satellite security companies and then will get the channels encrypted. It’s a quite long process tbh.

We cannot forget the cable operator too. Cable operators have always been a hurdle in the way of DTH launching. So PEMRA has to tackle that smartly.

Seeing the current situation, it’s very hard to say that Pakistan DTH can launch in 2019. Maybe this year will also pass like 2018.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do share them in the comments.

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