Lemar TV New Biss Key And Frequency Yahsat 2021

Hey Viewers!

AAARGH! Do you feel like there are fewer channels on the dish to watch sports matches?

Hey!  no need to worry. Lemar TV has something for you.

Lemar TV is a television channel based in Kabul, Afghanistan. You will be surprised to know that it’s the second most-watched channel in Afghanistan.

Lemar  TV  mostly plays Hindi serials dubbed in Pashto.  But it’s mainly popular for the cricket matches it shows. Last year it showed the champion’s trophy which made it even more popular.

Lemar TV Frequency

Lemar TV can be watched on the dish on Yahsat 1.

The table below will help you out to tune in the channel into your receiver.

Just move your dish towards Yahsat 1  and enter these values and enjoy watching.

[table id=10 /]

Note: The frequency updates frequently. To catch up with the latest updates, keep visiting the site.

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Lemar TV Biss Key

Lemar TV mostly runs Free To Air. But when it switches to Biss key, We immediately update it here. The biss key of Lemar tv is below

Biss Key: 31 2D BA 18 74 1F 55 E8

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