Indosiar Biss Key and Latest Frequency Palapa D 2020

Indosiar Biss key

Indosiar is an Indonesian television channel. It was established on January 11, 1995. Indosiar is broadcasted nationwide on UHF. It can be quickly received all over the Indonesian archipelago on any analog PAL television.

Its ownership was changed several times, but currently, it is owned by  Surya Citra Media.

Indosiar frequency

Indosiar is broadcasted on Palapa D. feed-in below and numerics into your receiver and boom! you will easily receive Indosiar.

SatellitePalapa D
Transponder03835 H 07000
Symbol Rate 07000
Polarity H
Mode3/4. 8PSK, DVB-S2, MPEG4
EncryptionBiss Key

Note: the frequency updates from time to time. For the latest frequency, keep visiting the site

Biss Key Indosiar

The Indosiar channel is encrypted with the biss key. But Y’all don’t have to worry about it. We have got some latest and working biss keys for Y’all.

Biss Key Indosiar53 DA 6794 895A D7 BA

Alternative Indosiar Biss keys are also written below

BAAB CD DCF1 1E 6522
44DA AD 4C5F 77 E9E8

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