Increase Satellite Signal – A Step By Step Guide 2021

Imagine you are watching your favorite TV show on Satellite TV.

It’s going great!

enjoying tv shows
Person watching TV

But suddenly a prompt appears on the screen saying “Weak Signals“.

Yes! I know it’s a total turn off.

But don’t you worry.

I have got just the right solution for you.

In this article, I am gonna guide you step by step on how to increase satellite signal strength and watch your favorite shows uninterrupted.

So Let’s dive in. Shall We?

1. Dish Location

Dish Location
Dish on a roof

This is the first and foremost step to ensure the maximum satellite signals.

Your satellite dish must be located in such a way that nothing comes in its way.

Any kind of obstruction would cause the loss of the signals.

Satellite Dish obstruction
Satellite Dish with building

If you find any obstructions or objects like buildings, trees, and mask network, better move your dish.

I wouldn’t suggest you to cut off the trees and harm the mother nature?

Not only this will increase your signal but also it will provide you a smooth TV experience.

You must ensure that the location on which Dish is, is plain so that you can get most signals out of it.

Let’s move onto the second step.

2. Check Cable

Coaxial Cable
Satellite Coaxial Cable

To increase the satellite signal more, You must make sure the whole cable is fine.

In order to do this, Start back from your receiver and trace the wire all the way back to the Satellite Dish.

Look for crimps, slices or gouges in the cable.

If you find any damage then better cut it off and connect the other two ends with connectors.

These damages can cause leakage of signals.

If the cable is older then 4 or 5 years then it is better to replace it and thank it for its service.

3. Cable Connection

Two f-connectors

Check for the cable connections.

To increase the satellite signal, tighten the connections between cables

Pro Tip: Use male and female connector instead of connecting the wire by tape.

I will suggest you buy THE CIMPLE CO – Cable Extension Coupler. It’s the best seller in its category.You will get a boost in signals after using this

Remember, the longer the distance between receiver and dish, the more signals will drop.

So try to keep it short.

Don’t forget to refresh the old F-connectors to increase signals.

3. LNB


The signals mostly depend on your LNB.

The better the LNB, the better the signals will be.

But how would you know if an LNB is good or not?


LNB with Low DB Noise figure can boost your signal strength and quality with 15% or above

If you are thinking to replace your LNB then consider  DIRECTV Dual LNB 18.

It not only boost your signal but allows you to run two TVs at the same time.

4.Scalar Ring

Satellite Scalar Ring

If you are not using the scalar ring yet then you must from now on.

Scalar ring will not only increase your signals but it will also help to receive C-band signal on a KU band dish antenna

I will suggest you buy the CS1 Conical Scalar Kit for Offset Satellite Dishes LNBF and Feedhorns.

It will boost your signal and you can also use C-Band with it.

5.Satellite Dish

Satellite Dish
Satellite Dish mounted on a wall

Make sure that your Satellite Dish has no damage.

Also, tighten up the screws and make the dish still.

Always make sure to fix your dish properly to the ground or wall as it can get loose and cause weak signals.

6. Elevation And Azimuth

Satellite Dish Azimuth

I suggest you play with the elevation and azimuth of your dish even if you have gotten the signals.

This way you will be able to boost satellite signals.

Check the Focal point too. Play with it till you get ideal signals.

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7. Feedhorn Settings

Check your feedhorn for any damage.

Rotate feedhorn a little bit to see if you get any boost or not.

I will suggest you to buy a quality feedhorn like

8. Satellite Dish Size

Satellite dish size

Last but not least comes the Dish size.

If you are still not able to increase the satellite signals then I would suggest you to buy a Big Size Dish.

This will be a bit costly but it will surely improve your satellite signals.


The signals depend upon the satellite you are trying to receive. If you perform the above-mentioned step, then I am sure you will be able to increase satellite signals.

If you have any questions then do comment below. I will be more than happy to help

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