The 10 Fully Funded Government Scholarships for International Students Of 2021

Scholarships are a dazzling word! They attract all ambitious youth for dreams and goals are plentiful, but resources are limited. When you’re searching for scholarships it actually means that you’re looking to be appreciated for your bright future. Fully funded scholarships provide the support they need in starting their study abroad journey will add magic to life.

The TOP 10 fully-funded scholarships give scholarship seekers funding aid who want to start studying overseas by opening magical opportunities such as travel, meeting new people from different cultures, and experiencing new things which adds sparkle into one’s life.

Top 10 fully-funded scholarships that will cover all your expenses

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Japanese Government Scholarships

If you’re interested in studying at a Japanese university, it’s worth considering one of the MEXT scholarships. These fully-funded scholarships give students between 143-148k yen each month to cover living expenses while they study here. There are also other scholarship opportunities available for people who want to become teachers or train as engineers and technicians. The number of spots isn’t specified, but these options definitely seem like good ones if you’d be interested!

Korean Government Scholarships

The Korean Government has been focusing on internationalization and is planning to attract 200,000 students by 2023. To help achieve its goal they are offering many scholarships for undergraduate or graduate programs that cover tuition fees in addition to monthly living expenses of over $600 dollars each month. You can apply as an American student who studies under this fully-funded scholarship the government offers!

University of Edinburgh

As one of the top universities in the UK, Edinburgh University offers three different types of scholarships to international students who are studying math, history/classics and archaeology or veterinary medicine. The university also has a limited emergency hardship scholarship which is for non-UK students experiencing financial difficulties due to unforeseen circumstances

Public Service Commission (Singapore)

The Singaporean government is committed to providing outstanding education and has even established a funding scheme exclusively for international students. Applicants can expect generous support in all kinds of fields, as well as the opportunity to conduct research with leading academics or take on leadership roles at local universities. The PSC seeks applicants who are open-minded and ready to share new ideas that will help move society forward towards success!

Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme

The UK Government has come up with another scholarship scheme, this time for Commonwealth countries. The different series of the new schemes are as follows: one is for Fulltime Master and PhD students from Developing Countries; while another is for those who reside in Developed countries. There’s also a collaboration between Commonwealth Shared scholarships and schools where they can offer opportunities to their respective candidates.

Additionally, there are other fellowship programs aimed at professionals living in developing commonwealth nations which would allow them to spend up to 12 months studying/working here (in the UK). Lastly, some postdoctoral fellowships have been set aside specifically so that researchers coming from these same communities get an opportunity too!

Australia Awards Scholarships (Australia)

Australia Awards Scholarships, formerly known as Australian Development Scholarships (ADS), provide opportunities for people from developing countries to study at participating universities and Technical and Further Education institutions.

The following is a list of the top ten government scholarships available to international students around the world. Additionally, look out for domestic governmental scholarships offered by your country’s government if you are an aspiring student in need of funding opportunities abroad.

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