DTH vs IPTV – Which Is The Best Choice 2020

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It’s 2020!

And choosing the right TV entertainment option is hard.

There are so many options available to choose from like Digital cable, IPTV, and DTH

But don’t you worry, In this article, I am gonna compare DTH and IPTV head to head.

So you will be able to choose either one.

Let’s dive right in. Shall we?



There is no absolute winner in DTH vs IPTV.

One has it’s pros and cons and the other has its own.

Most of the time it depends upon the user’s circumstances.

And what doe the user prefers.

So I am gonna compare DTH and IPTV with 6 different aspects to pick out the ultimate winner for you.

1. Availability

24/7 available
Winner: Tie

DTH and IPTV have their own pros and cons when it’s come to availability.

You are gonna prefer the one which is available in your area without hassle.

So let’s compare both regarding availability.


DTH is great in regards to availability.

You can buy the DTH subscription and the company will set it up for you in your desired place.

Simple as that.


IPTV is also available everywhere, where the internet is available.

So you can enjoy it pretty much everywhere.

Bottom Line

Choose either one if your concern is availability.

You won’t be disappointed.

2. Installation

Dish Location
Dish on a roof
Winner: IPTV
You must take installation and equipment into consideration when deciding between DTH and IPTV.

The installation should be easy so if you shift your house, you won’t have to struggle again and again.


DTH installation can be a bit of a headache.

You need to fix the Satellite Dish at your wall or roof.

You should have a receiver connected with wire all the way back to the Satellite Dish.

No obstacle must come in between satellite dish so satellite signals do not weak.

So overall it’s a hefty process.


IPTV is very easy to install.

Just connect the IPTV set-top box with the internet and you are good to go.

No hassle or struggle with wires or anything.

Bottom line

If you want a hassle-free installation then I would suggest IPTV.

It will save a lot of time and struggle.


pakistan dth price

Winner: Depends

When choosing between DTH and IPTV, you must also check pricing.

Pricing varies from place to place but let’s talk in general.


DTH offers good value in a good price range.

At the end of the day, It depends upon you, which package do you want.

ProviderConnection TypeMonthly priceAvailable channels


IPTV services also provide good value in a good price range.

The thing is that you need a fast internet connection for IPTV.

So the cost of the internet also adds up into the bill.

It depends upon your location how costly the internet is there.

Bottom Line

I would say the total cost depends on the area in which you live.

So you have to choose what’s good for your own.


what is cccam

Winner: Tie

If you are buying any of the services, you will be expecting to get a ton of good channels.

Well, both services provide a good amount of channels depending upon the package you opt for.


DTH services have different packages with different numbers of channels.

It depends upon the channels you want to pick.

You can also customize a package of your own.


IPTV providers also let you choose from different packages.

It totally depends on you which channels you want to pick.

Bottom Line

Both of the services have many channels options available to choose from.

You can opt for any package as long as it fulfills your needs.

5. Reliability

what is powervu

Winner: IPTV

If the service you are choosing isn’t reliable then what’s all the hype about.

Let’s see which one performs better in this regard.


Although DTH is a good service, it isn’t as reliable as IPTV.

When the weather is bad, DTH doesn’t perform well.

So I guess DTH has a disadvantage here.


IPTV is very reliable.

Whether the weather is bad or there is a storm out there, you will still be able to enjoy your favorite shows.

So that is a very good advantage of having IPTV.

Bottom Line

If you want a reliable TV service then I would suggest you buy IPTV.


fast cccam

Winner: IPTV

Both of the services offer a ton of good feature which traditional cable doesn’t offer.

Let’s take a look at them.


DTH provides HD channels.

It also gives you the option of recording your Favorite TV shows.

It has an EPG option so you know which show is coming next.


IPTV has two ways of communication service.

So it has technically got an edge.

It offer  services like

  • nPVR (network private video recording),
  • cPVR (client private video recording),
  • VoD (Video on Demand), Online gaming,
  • eCommerce,
  • HD streaming TV,
  • navigation,
  • mail or messaging service,
  • recommendations and much more,

So if you get an IPTV subscription, you get loads of entertainment.

Bottom Line

IPTV provides you better service with its huge number of features.

So if you are looking for features, then I will suggest you get an IPTV subscription.

Should I get DTH or IPTV?

I have compared both of the services from every aspect possible.

When deciding between DTH and IPTV, it all depends on what you watch, where you live and how much you want to pay.IPTV is best for those who want reliability and more features. DTH is best for those who want more value for less price.
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