The 4 possible Reasons Why Your CCCAM Is Not Working

DSCAM not working

CCCAM allows you to watch many channels that are encrypted by the owner.

But sometimes it doesn’t work due to some reason.

If that’s the case with you then don’t worry.

In this post, I am gonna tell you what to do if your CCCAM is not working.

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Weak Signals

You may have experienced that even the FTA channels don’t work properly sometimes if signals are low due to bad weather or bad setting.

Same goes with CCCAM. If signals are low then CCCAM won’t work.

So you must try to get as many signals as possible to make CCCAM run.

Internet Connection

CCCAM doesn’t require much internet but yes it requires a good internet connection to run.

Otherwise, it won’t be able to decrypt the channels.

So make sure that you have a good internet connection at your place. If you have 3G or 4G that would be fine to run CCCAM.

Another thing that could be possible is the distance of the internet from your satellite receiver.

In this case, try getting a good antenna or reduce the distance between both.

CCCAM Downtime

If everything is fine on your side, then it can be a problem with the provider.

The provider may be having some sort of downtime, so that’s why your CCCAM is not working.

Before buying CCCAM, always take a 24Hr trial to ensure that the service is good. And do ask them about downtime and support.

Receiver Software

If CCCAM not working then it is possible that your receiver software is outdated. Try updating the receiver and installing new software.

That’s all for this post. If your CCCAM is not still working then comment below and I will help you.

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By Abdullah

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  1. My dscam not working from last 3 days. I have purchased wezone box this march. I think the server is down. Can i do anything about it?

  2. Hi
    after firmware update cccam does not work in my dreambox 800hd. what is your advice.
    thank you.

  3. I tried adding clines from several providers (of course one at a time), but every time, my stb (wezone 888 plus) showed the “scrambled” error message for all channels. What went wrong?

  4. Hi, I have a problem with my CCcam line, I have successfully put it onto my Technomate-NANO-SE but when it cant be started. when I check the softcam log, a message appears saying couldn’t find CCam.cfg running, starting CCcam.cfg. is this a problem with my receiver or the CCcam line?

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