Btv National New Biss key And Frequency Asiasat 7 2021

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In this post, You are gonna get the latest BTV National Frequency and Biss Key.

BTV National is a state-owned Television network that locates in Bangladesh. It is an entertainment channel.

It is popular among other countries such as Pakistan as it broadcasts some sports matches aswell.

BTV National Frequency

BTV National is aired on Asiasat 7 105.5E. The table below will help you out to tune in the channel into your receiver. Just move your dish towards Asiasat 7 and enter these values and enjoy it.

[table id=9 /]

Note: The frequency updates frequently. To catch up the latest updates, keep visiting the site.

BTV National no signal
BTV has changed to another satellite

BTV has shifted to Bangabandhu 1.

But don’t worry I will give you the frequency and I will guide you on how to set up this satellite.

BTV National Bangabandhu 1

4640 H 11900



You can receive BTV on Bangabandhu 119E.

You don’t have to change your Dish direction. Just add another LNB to receive Bangabandhu 1 119E and enjoy it.

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BTV National Biss Key

So here comes that part of the post you were waiting for. Yes, you have guessed it right. The Biss key of BTV National has written below.

 Biss Key: CF 35 D2 D6 66 58 F1 AF
If you have any thought, Do share it in comments. Have a nice day!

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